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Send the Capuchins your Prayer Requests

"Your faith has saved you."
---Matthew 9:22

With these words, Jesus performed some of his most notable cures and miracles. Jesus wants His followers to pray for each other so that our faith will be nourished and supported.

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NORMAN of USA (2008-06-29 02:16:02):
Dear Fathers,
May I ask for prayers that God and the Holy Spirit will come into my life and remove the many problems that cause me great and constant fear.
Thank You So Much,
JESUDAS.S of india (2008-05-02 04:59:54):
Glory to jesus

Dear brother and sister , this is jesudas from India,
Please pray for me , I am in debt and heavy commitment.
My parents also suffering from this debt in their old age.
Everyday I went through tears and pain. I am hardware and
networking engineer, I am trying to go U S A for job.
Please pray for me to get job in U S A.
If I get job in U S A its very useful for me to overcome
This debt. Please pray for me.

Thank you
ANONYMOUS of San Diego, CA (2008-04-25 22:36:30):
Please pray for our dear friend Joe R. that he will receive a liver transplant soon. Thank you!
ANGEL of (2008-03-26 10:00:50):
im asking for your help to please include me (MARY ANGELI O.)in your daily prayers for my special intentions--that i can received a reply/att form as soon as possible from the board of nursing--california,soften the heart of the person holding my application that she/he will allow/permit me to take the nclex exam! and pass the nclex exam as well

thank you very much and God be with you always
MARIE of USA (2008-03-21 04:33:35):
**Please pray for us...I am trying to get our house blessed..because there are strange things happening at night and strange loud noises...Please pray that Fr. Jack who is planning to come and bless the house will be guided in the proper way to give an appropriate blessing...Thank you
DONOVAN of Sinajana (2008-03-18 18:10:06):
Please pray to God for us so that God will be merciful to our people of Guam and those of the world and that our people will turn to God hopefully Amen.
CLIFFORD of New Jersey (2008-03-15 11:07:11):
the following people have serious health conditions: Louise, Carol, Mimi. GOD bless, my prayers are with the Community. A Good Lent
RICO CHACO of Agat, Guam (2008-03-11 19:55:55):
Please pray for the Holy Spirit to guide me through my studies and throughout my life. I also ask that you pray for everyone in the world that they may come to know our one true God.Lastly,pray to the Holy Spirit to help me when defending my faith. Thanks.
DEBBY of PA (2008-03-06 10:21:23):
Prayer for healing for Marqueen Smith, of Nescopeck, PA., one of God's own and a lovely lady, who was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer. It is too close to the heart, and in two lymph nodes, it's showing in three spots in the spinal column, a tiny spot in the liver and possibly a small spot in the brain. She has begun chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Please pray that she does not suffer severe illness while undergoing these treatments. In addition, I am asking prayer that the esophagus, now affected by radiation treatment, will heal by our Lord's touch, so she can swallow. Your prayers are helping. I believe God, and His word, and I know that whatever we ask in Jesus's name, believing, we will receive. Help me wield the mighty sword of the Word of God to restore Marqueen to health. Thank you, and may the Lord bless you for interceding in behalf of another.


MARIE PHILLIPS of USA (2008-03-06 07:38:28):
**Please pray for me, I get sevior headaches...bloodshot eyes...and constant nausea...doctors do not know what it is...my Carismatic healer says it the assault of an evil spirit...Please I beg of you pray for me...Thankyou
LG of Scotland (2008-03-04 04:44:22):
Dear fathers, I humbly request your urgent prayers for my recovery and peace of mind. I do not ask for material things.Thank you. God bless
JESU RATHNAM of India / Chennai (2008-02-29 22:51:34):
1. My wife is suffering from some unknown disease and becoming anemic day by day.
2. Children studies, and to grow in Jesus faith.
3.To have good health for our parents.
MAY of (2008-02-19 11:39:35):
Please include in your prayers our family concern. In which, he still recovering from his serious illness, me I'm also recovering form my cough and cold. Right now, me and my brother are very much concerned with our work since its not a stable job and we are still in our quest to find a stable job. I ask your support to join me into prayer that God will continually provide our daily needs and grant the desire of our heart in search for a stable job and good health for all the family members especially my father. Thank you so much.
DANIELA of Italy (2008-02-16 03:20:13):
Please, pray for the reconciliation and reunion between Daniela and Diego. May our precious engagement, which was a real God's Gift, be soon healed and restored. May Diego's stony heart be touched and melt, may we son get reconciled and reunited.
MAY of philippines (2008-02-08 16:12:51):
Please include in your prayers the situation of my family right now. My father has been diagnose of having a leukemia. In which, his spleen and kidney have been enlarge. As well, he got a low rate of hemoglobin and red blood cells. Then my brother lost his job. Right now, i'm the only one who is earning a higher rate but then my job is not that stable. I ask your support to join me into prayer in asking God for his healing power to my father, more financial blessings, good health to me and to all the members of my family. Thanks and God bless us all.
TREESA of (2008-02-02 15:20:16):
im going for a scanning on 11feb for breast lumps. pls pray that it will be benign only and i may not need any biopsy.
TREESA of saudi (2008-01-22 10:47:44):
dear father,pls pray for me very urgenlt. im having multiple breast lumps.im scared of cancer and surgery.pls pray for me. doctors are not doing anything. i have no in surance. pls pray for me.
ROLAND BLANCO of riyadh, saudi arabia (2008-01-02 20:00:59):
Please pray to heal the illness of my sister-in-law.
JUSTIN BELTHAZER of oman. (2007-12-28 06:19:49):
Dear Father i need your prayer in very urgent.i am 44 yrs old and i am disablity person and i am struggling in financially in very badly and hard time.please kindly pray for a miracel to get an immediate financial help from my sponser Mr.Alawi,even i have send 10 e mail to him but till now no reply at all.i have to pay my room rent for 4 months and for my food.please kindly pray for a miracel to get an immediate financial help from my sponser Mr.Alawi.

Thank you.

With kind Regards,

Sincerely yours in christ,

Justin Belthazer.

CLARE/THERESE BABAUTA of California (2007-12-22 16:48:01):
Please pray for my cousin James Robert Castro admitted to the hospital this week.

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