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“…the Lord gave me some brothers…” (Testament of St. Francis)

(Although people distinguish us as either brothers or priests, we are all brothers to each other and in a fundamental way brothers to all peoples and creation)


Archbishop Anthony S. Apuron

Archbishop Apuron was born on November 1, 1945, his parents being Manuel and Ana Sablan Apuron. He grew up in Mongmong. He was ordained on August 26, 1972. As a priest, he has served in Saipan and Agat and as rector of Fr. Duenas Minor Seminary. Then he was assigned as Rector of the Dulce Nombre de Maria Cathedral in 1978. In 1983, he was appointed by Rome to be Auxiliary Bishop to assist the late Archbishop Felixberto C. Flores (Archdiocese of Agana, Guam) and was consecrated a bishop on February 19, 1984. When the late Archbishop passed away, Bishop Apuron was elevated to succeed the Archbishop on May 11, 1986. His episcopal motto is ] "Servus Tuus," which means "Your servant."

"As a Capuchin friar, I try to emulate St. Francis daily and pray, ’God is my wealth and I place all my confidence in Him’."
- Archbishop Apuron


Fr. Marvin Bearis

Born in Hawaii on July 27, 1978 , the son of Ben and Carmen Castillo Bearis. Br. Marvin grew up in a parish staffed by the Capuchins at the time, Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish in Ewa Beach. He entered the Capuchin Order in 2002. He studied for the priesthood in Berkeley, California, and Boston, Massachusetts. Fr. Marvin was ordained on June 13, 2009 in Hawaii. He is a chaplain and teacher at Damian Memorial High School.

"I’m always thankful to God for my vocation as Franciscan Capuchin. I enjoy my life as a religious and am trying my best to live out the charism of St. Francis."
- Fr. Marvin


Fr. Patrick Castro

Born in Agana Heights, Guam on May 26, 1953, Fr. Patrick is the son of Juan and Trinidad Flores Castro. He entered the Capuchin Order in 1982 and was ordained on January 9, 1988. He began his priestly ministry as pastor of Merizo and Umatac until later that same year he was sent as pastor of San Roque and Santa Remedios parishes in Saipan. In 1991 he was transferred to Garapan, Saipan as pastor. In 1994 he became pastor of Yona on Guam until 2003. In 2005 he became pastor of Agana Heights until 2009 when he was placed on medical leave.

“My experience as a Capuchin friar can be described simply as experiencing God’s eternal love.”
– Fr. Patrick


Br. Brian Champoux

Born on July 31, 1949 in Springfield, Massachusetts, the son of Louis and Muriel Cote Champoux. Br. Brian entered the Capuchins in 1968. He served for many years as fraternity cook ] in several friaries in the St. Mary Province. In 1981 he was sent to Guam and served the brothers at St. Fidelis Friary. He completed his college education on Guam and obtained a B.A. in Education. After taking formation courses in the mainland, he then served in formation work on Guam for many years. He then began his teaching service, first in the public school system on Guam and then at Bishop Baumgartner Memorial School. He was in the novitiate fraternity in Allison Park, Pennsylvania. Br. Brian returned to Guam after 2 years to continue his teaching ministry at Bishop Baumgartner School.

“I can never thank God enough for all that he has done for me. – Br. Brian


Fr. Gordon Combs

Born in Yonkers, New York on April 15, 1937, the son of Edward and Margaret Murphy Combs. He entered the Capuchins in 1955 and was ordained on January 11, 1964. He was then sent to study the Japanese language in Tokyo and afterwards became a missionary in Okinawa from 1966 until 1976. In that year he was assigned to Guam, first serving as associate pastor of Mangilao, then pastor of Yigo from 1977 till 1985, then pastor of Agat from 1985 till 1989. From 1989 until 2002 he was chaplain at St. Francis West, a hospital in Ewa, Hawaii. He also assists the Secular Franciscans in Hawaii. Fr. Gordon now assists in parish work in Hawaii.

"As a friar priest, I have been blessed to live and minister on the beautiful Ryukyu, Mariana and Hawaiian Islands. Will Paradise surpass this?" - Fr. Gordon


Fr. Daniel Cristobal

Born in Agana, Guam on January 26, 1931 the son of Adriano and Carmen Untalan Cristobal, Fr. Daniel grew up in pre-war Agana under the Spanish Capuchins. He became a Capuchin friar in 1952. He was ordained on July 2, 1959, the first Chamorro Capuchin priest. His early years in the priesthood were spent assisting in Yona, Saipan and Dededo. He has served as pastor in Dededo, Yona, Santa Rita, Sinajana, Chalan Pago and Talofofo. Fr. Daniel has been tapped on many times in his ministry to organize major events such as the historic visit of Pope John Paul II to Guam in 1981 among many other notable occasions. He has also been spiritual director for many organizations, including the Secular Franciscans, Cursillo and Christian Mothers. Fr. Daniel is currently residing at the St. Fidelis Friary.

"My Capuchin fraternity gave me a broader vision of life." - Fr. Daniel


Fr. Michel Dalton

Born in Brooklyn, New York on April 9, 1951 the son of Michael and Louisette Moris Dalton. He joined the Capuchins in 1969 and was ordained a priest on May 27, 1978. For many of his early years in ministry, he served as Vocation Director in the Province of St. Mary. In 1984 he came to Guam and served as pastor of St. Francis parish in Yona. In 1991 he was elected Vice Provincial and was re-elected in 1994. In 1995 he concurrently served as pastor of Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament parish in Agana Heights. In 1997 he was sent to Hawaii to become pastor of St. Elizabeth parish in Aiea until 2009. He is now the pastor of the Immaculate Conception in Ewa, Hawaii.

"Living and ministering in Hawaii is wonderful. What’s not to like?" - Fr. Michel


Fr. Andre Eduvala

Born on August 12, 1974, in Pasay City, the Philippines, the son of George and Adelaida Mangahas Eduvala. Andre moved to Guam with his family when he was in elementary school. His home parish is Santa Barbara in Dededo. Andre entered the Capuchin Order in 1995. He was ordained to the priesthood on August 14, 2004 and continued for a while as associate pastor of Santa Teresita parish in Mangilao. He was then assigned as pastor of Mt. Carmel Parish in Agat until 2009. Fr. Andre is currently the Vicar at the St. Fidelis Friary and is a full time teacher at Mercy Heights in Tamuning.

“What I like about the Capuchin life is that it is a combination of prayer, study and work within fraternity.” – Fr. Andre


Fr. Joseph English

From Sinajana, Guam, Fr. Joe was born on April 14, 1960, the son of Kenneth and Lourdes Crisostomo English. He became a Capuchin in 1983 and was ordained on April 28, 1990. He served as associate pastor in Yona and then as pastor of Piti until 1993 when he was transferred to be pastor of Mangilao parish. In 2003 he served as the pastor of Yona parish until his election as Vice Provincial of Guam and Hawaii in January, 2009. In addition he is also the pastor of Agana Heights parish. Fr. Joe also serves as Guardian of the St. Fidelis Friary.

"As a Capuchin, I have found peace."
– Fr. Joseph


Fr. Eric Forbes

Born on March 15, 1962 on Guam, the son of John and Rosalind Limtiaco Forbes of Sinajana. Fr. Eric entered the Capuchin Order in 1984 and was ordained a priest on September 8, 1990. His parish assignments in the past have been in Merizo and Umatac (Guam) and San Roque (Saipan). He was Director of Novices, Postulants and Vocations; a teacher at Fr. Duenas Memorial School; and was the Vice Provincial of the Guam and Hawaii friars from 1999 to 2009. He has been involved in Marriage Encounter work and frequently teaches Bible classes. He was asked by Archbishop Apuron in 1998 to attend to the needs of the Latin Mass community on Guam. Fr. Eric is currently on sabbatical and continues to devote his time and talents in serving as the Mission Director.

“Daily dying to self in order to live the new life in Jesus – this is Capuchin life. It’s not easy, but God’s total reliability to come through with His power and grace makes it all possible and joyful.” – Fr. Eric


Fr. Agustin Gumataotao

Born on Guam on January 8, 1956, Fr. Gus is the son of Agustin and Rosa Aguon Gumataotao. St. Jude, Sinajana, is his home parish. He entered the Capuchins in 1976 and was ordained on October 23, 1982. After assisting in a temporary capacity in several parishes on Guam and Saipan, he was assigned as pastor of Agana Heights parish from 1983 till 1986 when he was made pastor of Santa Rita. In 1986 he was transferred to Santa Rita, and in 1989 to Agat, both times as pastor. In 1997 he was elected the first Chamorro Vice Provincial, and served as pastor of Talofofo at the same time. In 2000 he was assigned as pastor of Santa Rita parish and in 2005 he took up his present assignment as pastor of St. Jude parish in Sinajana.

"All for the glory of God." - Fr. Agustin


Fr. Paulo Kosaka

Fr. Paulo was born in Ito, Japan on June 2, 1955, the son of Manuel and Cecilia Hara Kosaka, but moved to Guam with his parents and siblings when he was in elementary school. The family settled in the village of Talofofo. Fr. Paulo became a Capuchin in 1976. Ordained on November 21, 1984, he was assigned associate pastor in Agana Heights and then in 1985 pastor of Chalan Pago. In 1988 he was sent as pastor of San Roque and Santa Remedios in Saipan. From 1992 until 1998 he assisted at Ewa Beach and Aiea in Hawaii and then at Sinajana on Guam. In 1998 he was assigned as pastor of Agana Heights until 2003. He was appointed associate pastor of Pearl City until 2009. He now serves as pastor of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel in Kaneohe, Hawaii and was elected as 2nd Counsilor/Vocation Director of the Vice Provincial for Guam and Hawaii.

"Deo gratias!" - Fr. Paulo


Fr. Felixberto Leon Guerrero

Born on December 5, 1958 on Guam, the son of Felix and Lolita Camacho Leon Guerrero. He grew up in Blessed Diego and St. William parish in Tumon. He joined the Capuchins in 1979. He was ordained on August 9, 1986. In 1987 he was assigned as pastor of Merizo and Umatac, then in 1988 he was sent to Saipan as pastor of Garapan. In 1991 he was assigned as pastor of Yona parish on Guam, in 1994 as pastor of Sinajana, in 2000 as pastor of Chalan Pago and in 2003 as pastor of Mangilao parish where he continues to serve. In 2009 Fr. Felixberto was elected as 1st Councilor of the Vice Provincial of Guam and Hawaii.

“Being a Capuchin friar means experiencing God in such a way that, when we open ourselves to God’s call, many unexpected blessings can come your way.” – Fr. Felix


Fr. George Maddock

Born on January 22, 1937 in St. Albans, New York, the son of Clinton and Grace Dunn Maddock. He entered the Capuchins in 1955 and was ordained on January 11, 1964. After a brief stint in the Nicaragua missions, he was sent to Guam in 1965 to teach at Fr. Duenas Memorial School, where he would eventually serve as seminary rector and principal. He was twice elected Superior Regular of the Guam friars, the first time in 1970 and then again in 1973. In 1976 he was made pastor of Yona until 1984 when he was one of the first two Capuchins sent to Hawaii to become pastor of Ewa Beach. In 1988 he was transferred to become pastor of Aiea. He then started work in formation in 1993, both in Hawaii and then on Guam. He was pastor of Agana Heights on Guam for two periods (1997-98, 2004-05). Before his retirement, Fr. George assisted young men in their vocation discernment as vocation director and postulant director.

“I’ll always be thankful that my 8th grade teacher “volunteered” me to go see the Capuchin Franciscan seminary in Garrison, New York. By God’s grace my life took a wonderful turn.” - Fr. George


Fr. Bob Maher

Born on February 2, 1947 in Jamaica, New York, the son of George and Virginia Peterson Maher. He entered the Capuchin Order in 1965 and was ordained on May 11, 1974. His first ministries in the Province of St. Mary were in vocation and formation work as well as in many hospital chaplaincies. In 1990 he was sent to Guam and became pastor of Talofofo. In 1997 he was transferred to Hawaii to become associate pastor in Ewa Beach where served until 2008. Fr. Bob is currently pastor of St. George Parish.

“In my life as a Capuchin friar and priest I am constantly amazed at the ways God works in us and through us to touch others, especially when we least expect it.” – Fr. Bob


Fr. Paul Minchak

Born on February 18, 1943 in Yonkers, New York. His parents were Martin and Helen Cadette Minchak. He entered the Capuchin Order in 1961 and was ordained on November 8, 1969. After serving for a number of years in formation work and novice master for the Province of St. Mary, he was sent to Guam and became pastor of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage parish in Chalan Pago in 1981. In 1984 he transferred to Hawaii and has since served in various parishes there : Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Ewa Beach (as associate pastor then pastor), St. Anthony in Kailua (associate pastor), Sacred Heart in Honolulu (associate pastor), Our Lady of Good Counsel in Pearl City (associate pastor) and presently as administrator of Resurrection of the Lord parish in Waipio.

“My Capuchin life, the gift of the priesthood and my family have been the greatest gifts that God has bestowed upon me.” – Fr. Paul



Fr. Michael Tenorio

Born on January 21, 1966 on Guam, Fr. Mike grew up in Chalan Pago, the son of Margarito and Lillian Cruz Tenorio. He joined the Capuchin Friars in 1990 and was ordained on April 10, 1999. He assisted in Talofofo parish and then was assigned pastor of Sinajana in 2000. In 2003 he went to Agana Heights as pastor and then became a chaplain in the US Air Force in 2005 where he is currently serving.

“Answering God's call to the Capuchin life, the priesthood, and to service in the military chaplaincy, is a matter of the heart and soul. Serving the men, women and children of our military is a constant source of inspiration for me. I am honored to be their priest.” – Fr. Mike


Fr. Jose Villagomez

The son of Ignacio and Ana Garrido Villagomez, Fr. Jose was born on Saipan on September 30, 1944. He grew up in the village of Chalan Kanoa. He entered the Capuchin Order in 1966 and was ordained on May 30, 1974. In his priestly ministry, Fr. Jose has served as assistant in Mt. Carmel parish, Saipan and St. Jude parish, Sinajana, Guam, and as pastor in San Jose and Garapan in Saipan and in Merizo, Umatac, Agat and Santa Rita. Fr. Jose is currently the pastor of Yona on Guam. He has served on government boards, including one that oversaw the building of a new hospital in Saipan and the Chamorro Language Commission on Guam.

"With God’s help and the support of my Capuchin brothers, I learn more about the spiritual life and try to live it within my fraternity and the people I’m serving in the parish." - Fr. Jose


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