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ROGER from oregon writes (2007-11-11 21:25:33):
what a beautiful chapel!
RICHARD KIDD from St. Patrick's Seminary, Menlo Park, CA. writes (2007-10-20 08:09:28):
Hafa Adai Friars! The photo gallery is growing! I especially Love the Transitus Pictures! The photographer did a great job! Hope you are all doing well on Guam. You are all in my prayers.
KATHY B from Hertford, NC writes (2007-10-20 02:56:10):
What a beautiful website, Fr. Al is my cousin, my maiden name is LaFeir, so great to see a picture of him again. God bless him and God Bless you in all you do, follow in Fr. Al's footsteps and you will never go wrong.

In Christ's Love,
KEVIN AND YOUTH OF SANTA TERESITA from Santa Teresita Parish, Mangilao writes (2007-10-11 09:46:33):
We are truly honored to be a part of the Capuchin family. All the best in your upcoming endeavors, and our prayers are with you for those contemplating and considering the brotherhoood.

Good job to all Capuchins, especially Fr. Felix, our pastor, and our former pastors... and Father Eric.

We love and appreciate you all.
BOB LAFEIR from Boca Raton, Florida writes (2007-09-21 15:45:02):
I spent 18 months in Guam ( 1960 thru 1961 )with my Uncle Fr. Alvin LaFeir and I know first hand all the good that the Friars' have done for the people of Guam.
LARK GLADYS (DELFIN) BOES from Apache Junction, Arizona writes (2007-09-12 15:49:47):
What a wonderful website. Just wanted to say hi to Fr. Gus Gumataotao. I believe we attended St. Jude's together, at least in 7th grade. Our teacher was Sister Marda, from Shanghai, China (as she was so fond of telling us). Do you remember? Anyway, God bless your caring hearts.
ANESIA from CA writes (2007-08-11 12:09:03):
RICO CHACO from Agat, Guam writes (2007-07-01 21:20:00):
Nice Website. It really inspires me to be a capuchin and give up everything I have for God.
EILEEN STRONG from Plantation, Florida USA writes (2007-06-27 11:05:56):
Nice website! I am looking forward to seeing my uncle, Father George Maddock, tomorrow.
JOSEPH MENO from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania writes (2007-06-22 01:28:06):
Pale' Eric and brothers,
CONGRATULATIONS! on the blessing and dedications of the new Friary. God's blessings be with all of you. Pale' Eric, Thank-you for your ministry and all that you do for the brothers.
DWAYNE SANTOS from Victoria, Kansas writes (2007-06-17 10:15:37):
Awesome website Brothers, HAFA ADAI from the Flat Lands. Take Care.
DEACON RONNIE SAN NICOLAS from Waipio, Hawaii writes (2007-06-14 12:16:12):
Congratulations to the friars on the completion and dedication of the friary. God bless and best wishes.
TERRY from St. Anthony Parish writes (2007-06-14 09:01:01):
EDWARD from California writes (2007-06-14 05:03:55):
What a professional and informative site... I truly cherish the memories of my Father Duenas Capuchin instructors/diciplinarians and was happy to see Father George, Father Daniel and the rest, on your site. Thank you for all that you do and have done for my birthhome, Guam. I truly admire and appreciate the work that all of you have done through St. Francis.
JAMES B. ANDRADE from Pearl City, Hawaii 96782 writes (2007-05-09 13:53:56):
I echo all the comments made to date. I only want to add that having the Birthdates, Profession dates and ordination dates allows us to be more personal with our priests. Thanks to whomever did the beautiful and informative job.
RICHARD from Guam writes (2007-03-08 09:07:41):
Looks great! Easy to use! I'm teaching a lesson on vocations and this site would be a great tool! Thank you all for your prayers and hard work!
DEACON RONNIE SAN NICOLAS from St. Elizabeth Parish, Aiea, Hawaii writes (2007-02-22 09:41:48):
A first class website. Well done, easy to navigate and informative. Congratulations and God bless.

MICHAEL PALUS from St. Paul, MN writes (2007-02-22 08:19:12):
I wanted to make a connection with the Friars and Brothers. In 1968to 1970 I was on Corpsman on Guam and I was allowed to work as a care attendant for Bishop Baumgartner. I and another Corpsman lived at his residence and gave the Bishop on going medical care and assistance. I have very fond memories of Bishop Baumgartner and his staff. I remember Felix, but have forgotten the name of of the lady who took care of the Bishop and us at his residence. I do remmber she was a great lady and always had a smile. I often wish that I could return to Guam and visit. I remember going with Bishop Baumgartner to the cloistered convent and heloping him say mass as his altar server and the Sister provided us w ith great breakfast. I just thought I would share some thoughts of my time on Guam.
LUCIA APONIK from Guam, U.S.A. writes (2007-02-17 14:02:59):
Beautifully done; thoroughly enjoyed it. Keep up the good work. God bless you all.
PAUL QUINTANILLA from Washington writes (2007-02-16 03:43:41):
Great site! Thanks for the opportunity to connect with my friar friends. God bless and we will keep you all in our prayers for your continued sevice to God's people. Memorias!
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