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book FAÑETBE - 100 Years Capuchin Centennial Guam 1901-2001: The 100th Anniversary of the Capuchins on Guam. This book was published to commemorate the hundredth anniversary of the arrival of the Capuchins on Guam. Includes many historic photos and a history of the friars on Guam.
book THE MANY COLORS OF FR. MARCIAN by Pale’ Eric Forbes, OFM Cap: Fr. Marcian was a Guam friar who was a priest, missionary, artist, sculptor, amateur archaeologist, prisoner of war. You will find this little book both informative and entertaining. Includes a number of interesting photographs.
book HISTORIA DE LA MISIÓN DE GUAM DE LOS CAPUCHINOS ESPAÑOLES by Fray Eric de Sinajaña, Capuchino: Una historia de la misión de Guam de los Capuchinos españoles durante los años 1901 hasta 1941. Con varias fotos de aquella época. (A history of the Capuchin Mission of Guam in Spanish covering the years 1901 till 1941. Includes various period photos.)
book THE GERMAN CAPUCHINS IN THE MARIANAS 1907-1919, by Father Eric Forbes, OFM Cap. The German friars worked but a short time in the Marianas, but this brief period was full of work, progress as well as controversy.  The German Capuchins left their mark on the Marianas that can be felt to this very day.  Includes some of the earliest photos of the Catholic Church in Saipan.


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